How to contribute to Conky

Contributions are welcome from anyone.

Pull Request Guidelines

When submitting PRs, please:

  • Describe the changes, why they were necessary, etc
  • Describe how the changes affect existing behaviour
  • Describe how you tested and validated your changes
  • Include unit tests when appropriate
  • Include any relevant screenshots/evidence demonstrating that the changes work and have been tested
  • Any new source files should include a GPLv3 license header
  • All new code must be GPLv3 licensed
  • Try to leave the code better than you found it
  • PRs with failed checks may be ignored or closed; please make sure the build and checks pass if possible (and notify someone when the build system is not working)

Patches submitted in issues, email, or elsewhere may be ignored.

Coding Style

Code should be formatted using clang-format. By configuring Conky with cmake -DCHECK_CODE_QUALITY=ON, you will be able to run make clang-format to automatically format code.

Git hooks

To make life easier, you can use lefthook to handle some basic linting with a pre-commit hook, as defined in lefthook.yml. Follow the installation guide for lefhook, then run lefthook install to enable the hooks.

Unit Testing

Conky uses the Catch2 unit testing framework. If you are adding new functions or methods, please consider adding unit tests for that code. Additionally, if you'd like to add tests for existing code, that would be a welcome contribution.

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